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11/4/17:  Polly gave birth to 10 puppies! You can watch them on Camera 2 & 4.

For new viewers:  Your Internet Explorer will prompt to load "ActiveX" which is a Microsoft program.  The location of this prompt will be across the top of the screen below the title bar.  Click on the link and allow ActiveX to run.  Once that is loaded, you will be further prompted by Panasonic (the manufacturer of the puppycams) to load a "camera control Add On".  Once this is loaded, you will be able to see the cameras and be able to control them.  Sorry for the inconvenience, but you'll be excited with the results.  :o)

There may be times when the cameras are not operational.  We sometimes lose power (during storms) which disables the cameras, or we update their locations.  So please be patient and try again later if you can't connect.   THANX!!

Puppy Cam 1    Not Available 

Puppy Cam 2     Atrium time!

Puppy Cam 3      Not Available

Puppy Cam 4      Atrium time!

**Viewer Discretion Advised**

The cameras are on 24 hours a day, so when puppies are being born, you'll be able to watch if you like.  Although birth is a natural and beautiful process, it can get a little "messy".  This may be a little too intense for some viewers.


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